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Ferramenta Windows para gravação de manuais, tutoriais e how tos

Ferramenta: psr.exe

Também chamado de “Gravador de Passos para Resolução de Problemas”

LDAP and Samba Server Configuration

This tutorial shows how to setup a LDAP server so you can work with LDAP and SAMBA accounts. I assume you have an up-to-date Debian based system running.

Before starting:

  • Backup your configuration files first!!!
  • There are people using db4.8 instead 4.2, try it at your own risk.
  • I don’t work with ldap-utils, but you may want to, that’s why I put it as last software to be installed.
  • You can work with phpldapadmin or lam (LDAP Account Manager). I rather work with LAM, but I’m giving you another good choice.
  • This tutorial aims Debian 5.0 (Lenny). On Debian 6 (Squeeze), which I like very much, there are several differences.

Step 1: Install the needed packages (You’ll need root privileges):

  • aptitude install nss-updatedb libpam-ldap libnss-ldap lam phpldapadmin db4.2-util libdb4.2 libdb4.2-dev samba samba-doc ldap-utils smbldap-tools Read more of this post

Dynamic Virtual Terminal Manager (DVTM)

DVTM is a very useful window manager for shell. It allows you to work with several layouts and have a whole view of several tasks running at same time without the need of changing terminal using ALT+F# (where # is your TTY’s number).

This short tips were written expecting you to see it as a quick reference, not a tutorial.

To start DVTM type in shell:


Read more of this post

How to export/import Zune settings

This is a short tutorial to the ones who need to backup zune configuration. After figuring out how to do it I decided to share my solution with you.

I’m not sure if it works 100%, including information about your shopping etc, but it ‘ll be stored in your account anyway. I work mainly with podcasts.

I did it from my old notebook to my new one, worked 100%!

Enable ‘view hidden files’ on your computer. You can do that going to organize->folder and search options on Windows Explorer.

Go to a folder called Zune: C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Zu ne

Copy ZuneStore.sdf to your backup folder.

When you need, copy it back to your brand new computer (but before rename the existing one to ZuneStore.sdf.old).

Good luck!