Dynamic Virtual Terminal Manager (DVTM)

DVTM is a very useful window manager for shell. It allows you to work with several layouts and have a whole view of several tasks running at same time without the need of changing terminal using ALT+F# (where # is your TTY’s number).

This short tips were written expecting you to see it as a quick reference, not a tutorial.

To start DVTM type in shell:


(Don’t you have DVTM ? On Debian based distributions, including Ubuntu: aptitude install dvtm)

All commands are based on Mod keys, set to Ctrl-G

Mod-c – new window
Mod-j or Mod-k – change between windows, go to next or previous window.
Mod-# (where # is the window number) – go to window number #
Mod-Enter – throw main windows to the main area
Mod-t – vertical layout
Mod-b – horizontal layout
Mod-l or Mod-h – resize windows for vertical and horizontal layouts
Mod-g – grid layout
Mod-m – maximize window
Mod-. minimize window


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